MPE – new industrial concept

We define a new industrial concept for production management and related processes.

Innovation emphasizes simplicity.

Innovation is based on the emphasis of people's motivation, understanding their way of thinking and working in combination with the use of advanced technology and creating easy-to-use intelligible applications. Simultaneously, emphasis is placed on the clarity of processing in applications and using only such elements and functions that the worker really needs in his work.

Such applications enable the enterprise to increase productivity by eliminating ineffective work time, processes acceleration and employees engagement in performance and smart teamwork.

MPE = Mobile Production Ecosystem

MPE is an ecosystem of web, mobile and native applications primarily focused on industry. It works on multiplatform, such as Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. An important feature of the MPE standard is its independence from hardware and data. For example, the application itself detects new hardware and automatically installs the application from server and synchronizes data to its original state.

The ecosystem can run on a local network or using cloud technologies. Thanks to this fact it achieves easy performance scalability, high security through multi-layered security and real-time database replication across multiple locations.

The ecosystem is based on modular applications that can be deployed individually or as a serie of interoperable applications that communicate and exchange data among each other (e. g. for planners, operators, masters, maintenance, etc.). In case of network failure, applications save data locally and when the connection is restored, the data are automatically synchronized to the central database.

What does the software need to be included in MPE?

Duplex process control

Duplex process control ensures two-way data flow between applications. This way applications exchange data and communicate smartly with each other. This will increase the flow of information among individual parts of the company.

For example, a planning application can send work orders to the Production management application and this application can send real production fulfillment to the plan online. Application for Production management can inform the responsible person about a critical situation, e.g. in case of machine failure. Application for data reading and visualization works with applications for planning and control of production. Based on this data actual state in production and eventual critical points are evaluated and displayed.

Where does MPE belong?

Given Industry 4.0's content, MPE is its higher development stage. To the usage of network linking among machines and workplaces, using the cloud and the Internet and using machines and processes automation, MPE adds new requirements: understanding human work, understanding people's motivation and their satisfaction, use of new knowledge from management, psychology and neuroscience. Thanks to modular understanding of applications I work only with data that I currently need and this way I maximally increase the effectivity.

The MPE concept replaces the MES solution and simplifies system processes. For example, MPE receives data directly from machines and then passes them on to other applications.

Panther, the first application with MPE standard.

Panther is a set of software applications aimed at production control in industrial enterprises. It is a fully functioning new generation manufacturing information system, we call it Mobile Production Ecosystem (MPE).

Individual applications cooperate with each other, but they can be used separately. System works with enterprise ERP.

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