We offer digitization solutions for manufacturing companies. We provide services from initial analysis to integration of the application itself. We cooperate with partner companies dealing with automation and robotization of production processes.

Initial non-binding consultation

We get to know your needs and show you our possibilities in detailed solution and we will be happy to meet you. Of course we will come to you and gladly answer yours inquiries, whether the functionality of applications or the range of related services.

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Licensed sale of finished applications for industry

We will deliver the licenses for a regular annual fee. The advantage of this solution is that you do not pay high price for basic license and yearly maintenance and at the same time you have new versions of applications already included in the annual license fees. You'll have access to new app features whose costs are already included in the annual fees.

Panther application ecosystem

Connection to ERP and other business systems

Because the ERP system and other business systems are usually tailored to the business, it is almost always necessary to create a data bridge between this system and our applications. We are able to develop a data bridge to measure:

Cloud services

If you do not want to run applications on your own server and own databases, we offer you professional Microsoft Azure cloud services. Everything is multiply assured. You no longer have to worry about data loss or system downtime. All you need is a sufficiently good line to the Internet.

Support, Hotline and tours

We have available not only telephone and online technical support, but also field technicians. In case of problems we are able to react immediately to the situation. First aid can be to solve technical problems remotely by our technicians using diagnostic tools contained in the system. Our field unit is also available to assist you to quickly solve problems in your location.

SLA Support and Service Agreement

On-line: comprehensive remote technical support - over the phone and over a remote connection.

On-site: Support by field unit.
You can also arrange individual conditions with us.

The following SLA conditions are available:


We keep your software up to date. All new versions will be offered within annual license free of charge. This gives you access to new features and the latest Best Practices. No more upgrades buying.

Custom development

The company was founded in the spirit of custom software development. Gradually we got away from website development to development of cross-platform applications and then we focused on large enterprise systems. Our skills include technology like virtual reality, graphical databases and artificial intelligence and focusing on complex projects that only the best ones can complete. We are considered experts in the field. Although we have started to work on our own Panther application in recent years, we are happy to accept new challenges and innovative projects.

Adaptation of the system to specific needs A

Our system is designed to be fully adjustable for different types of operations. However, we are aware of the different types of production. We are able to fine-tune and adjust the system according to your specific needs.

Development of other specific business applications B

In case your needs are outside the functionality of our system, thanks to our development department we are able to provide you with development of other customized tools or applications.

Process consultancy

Deployment of the new SW into production cannot be done without modification and improvement of current processes and therefore we provide advices to make the best use of our system.

We provide counseling in mutual discussion with you, when we define pros and cons of existing and future workflows.

We provide consulting and process modifications as follows:


As part of SW delivery and support, we provide training for your employees to be able to maximize the potential of the Panther system. Nonetheless, the simplicity of the system ensures fast understanding and ease of use, reducing training needs to the minimum necessary.

We provide training for both managers and production operators. The simplicity of application means that production managers are able to train operators by themselves.

Data mining from machines

In the case of machines with a computer, we use the data stored in the database and by using a data bridge we connect them with the applications in the Panther system.

In the case of machines without a computer, in cooperation with hardware partners using microcomputers (for example, Arduino) without interfering with the machine control processes, we will be able to write status values of machines and their further use for on-line evaluation of production reality and status display on LED panels above the workplace or hall.


We will provide you with a complete proposal for digitization.

We have allies in the fields of automation and robotization, with which we can cooperate and thus offer a complete solution.

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