We see security on two levels

Comply with demanding enterprise security policies to eliminate data misuse and technical system crash.


Security of operation in case of technical failure of some systems, for example, data network.


Security policies

Our applications are designed to suit the most demanding business security policies. We use robust Microsoft Azure database solutions, Encrypted data transfers, real-time data replication in geographically diverse locations, multi-factor authentication or customizable role management.

Ensuring operation

We have developed procedures for dealing with crisis situations. Together with applications we deliver on-line emergency plans. All emergency plans are regularly updated.

Our applications are designed to be secured by backup plans and production was not shut down.

An example might be a network outage where the production control application contains work orders of further production and is able to ensure the operation of the site and record the operation of the machine until the connection is reestablished. After the connection is established, full synchronization is performed with central server and other applications.