Application for technological process modeling

MTP - Modeling of technological process

The application focuses on the graphical modeling of the technological process. Is works as a library of items and their technological procedures that you can edit, delete and copy. You can implement general settings, BOMs, documentation, quality control methods, operations, set up labels and workstations for each item. You will get complete data production for production management and planning. The app is enhanced with accompanying features, that saves time and labor for technologists such as automatic calculation of historical standards production.

Graphical modeling of technological process

Graphical modeling of technological process

In the well-arranged view you create the whole technological process incl. all operations, operations, marking and quality control.

Evaluation of standards according to production history

Evaluation of standards according to production history

By interconnecting with the application of production control you evaluate the time demands of individual operations a and set new standards.

Well-arranged library of items

Well-arranged library of items

All items, their technological procedures and electronic documentation are all in one spot.

For which companies is the application suitable?

The application can be effectively used in both custom production and mass production in planning call-offs from framework business contracts. The system can be used for any manufacturing company.

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Overview of MTP functions:

MTP belongs to the Panther group

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Panther is a set of software applications aimed at industrial production control enterprises. It is a fully functioning new generation manufacturing information system (MPE).

Individual applications cooperate with each other, but they can be used separately. System works with enterprise ERP.

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