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MPC - Mobile Production Control

The application is designed for operators´ workplaces. It allows distribution of digitized work orders, entering production interruption states, entering start and end of production orders, displaying of product documentation for product and quality monitoring. Application also has a section for shift managers to provide them with clear status of information about production and allows them to change the time of production order and enter refunds of scraps into production if necessary.

Digitization of work orders

Digitization of work orders

Get rid of paper work orders. The operator handles fixed orders step by step. Only the authorized employee (planner and shift manager) changes the order. For that reason, compliance with contract deadlines will improve.

Notification of increased rejects

Notification of increased rejects

As soon as the application detects multiple consecutive scraps, it will immediately send a notification to responsible persons to carry out checks to prevent greater damage.

Enter a one-button swap replacement order

Enter a one-button swap replacement order

The application shows the best possible solution for the production of new pieces for scrap. It makes work easier for the line manager who has everything available in just a few clicks.

Documentation and manuals in electric form

Documentation and manuals in electric form

The latest version of the documentation is displayed directly on the tablets of operators. The application allows display the documentation on the LCD monitor (together with the DDS application). You can paste auxiliary video, demo with correct performance of work, etc.

For which companies is the application suitable?

The application can be effectively used in both custom production and mass production in planning call-offs from framework business contracts. The system can be used for any manufacturing company.

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Overview of MPC features:

Apps for operators – mobile apps on tablets

An application controls all the work of an operator (worker):

Application for manufacturing executives – PC web application

Web application for shift managers on their PC with immediate reaction to bottlenecks in production. The application includes:

MPC belongs to the Panther group

The entire ecosystem of applications for innovative production management

Panther is a set of software applications aimed at industrial production control enterprises. It is a fully functioning new generation manufacturing information system (MPE).

Individual applications cooperate with each other, but they can be used separately. System works with enterprise ERP.

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