Application for storage management

ISM - Interim Storage Management

The application is used for capacity management of inventory between individual production operations. Intermediate storages can be set as capacitive or positional. The transfer between interim stores is ensured by applications for internal logistics.

Real-time capacity monitoring

Real-time capacity monitoring

You always have a live view of the capacity status of an interim storage that changes based on its occupancy. You know exactly where you have free storage space.

Position control of storing

Position control of storing

The application manages and monitors the placement of material, product or semi-finished product on individual stock position.

Interconnection with production control application

Interconnection with production control application

The ISM application communicates with the MPC application for production control. The operator can see where the material is and where to save it after the operation.

For which companies is the application suitable?

The application can be effectively used in both custom production and mass production in planning call-offs from framework business contracts. The system can be used for any manufacturing company.

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Overview of ISM features:

ISM belongs to the Panther group

The entire ecosystem of applications for innovative production management

Panther is a set of software applications aimed at industrial production control enterprises. It is a fully functioning new generation manufacturing information system (MPE).

Individual applications cooperate with each other, however, they can be used separately. System works with enterprise ERP.

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