Panther is an application ecosystem that complies with the new industry standard of MPE.

How does Panther work?

Panther is an ecosystem of production planning and management applications, including related processes, such as shift planning, continuous OEE increase and continuous reduction of scraps. The Panther ecosystem is designed in accordance with industrial principles of MPE concept. We have completely eliminated the confusing tables still used by many businesses these days. On the contrary, we based our applications on intuitive control, comprehensible informative ability of data due to frequent graphical display and ability to work concurrently on data.

Panther is software for the entire production control process. Whether it's planning, electronic work orders, maintenance management, internal logistics management, shift planning, online visualization of production data in the workplace, data analysis for management, organization and implementation of training directly at workplace, internal audit management and many more.

What companies is Panther suitable for?

Individual applications of Panther can be effectively used in both custom and mass production. The two options may be planned in a call-off way from business contracts. It is suitable for all automotive suppliers, plastic, paper, furniture, textile, tobacco and beverage industry, machinery, electronics and electrical engineering and all other industries.

What machines is Panther compatible with?

The entire Panther application ecosystem is compatible with any production machine, e. g. Krauss-Maffei, AMADA, Arburg, Tongtai and many others. The production machine records data of production process into its own database, from which our application reads directly. If production machines lack an integrated computer with a database, we can still easily obtain production data by installing a reading device to a switch cabinet.

This service is called Data mining from machines. The reader is designed for older and special purpose machines and it can be installed even on atypical production workplaces such as paint shop or welding shop. It works on the principle of magnetic reading of electrical pulses, so it does not affect the operation of the machine, but only recognizes what the monitored machine does and how fast it works.

Application forming Panther

Are you interested in approximate prices of applications?

In order to give you the approximate price of the selected applications, it is necessary to fill in short form. On this basis we will send you a quotation by e-mail.

Process an approximate quotation

Why? Vision.

From years of working experience in manufacturing companies we know that there is still plenty of space for improvement and we are far from being at the point of development and improvement stagnation. On the contrary, companies can become almost overnight tens of % more effective, more environmentally friendly.

How? In their own way.

It is easy. With better and more thorough insights into consumption and scraps of the WHOLE COMPANY, we are able to ensure the so-called optimal batches for production including prediction of scraps. Based on information from your co-operator we use tracking production to constantly calculate the necessary packaging and pallets. As a result, expeditions do not run half-empty, but with a constant maximum capacity of the trailer. No more having to ride with half-empty trucks back and forth, because maximum logistic capacity is assured.

Phase 1 - production application

In the first phase, since beginning the Next Solutions, we focused on developing applications that have been critical to our customers. These are mainly applications designed to control and planning of production, modeling of technological processes and displaying production data. You find the list of all applications here.

Phase 2 - Office Applications

In the second phase we develop applications designed for office and administrative activities. System Panther is expanded to include applications designed to manage business, finance, billing and monitoring of business partners.

System implementation

Our work begins at the first meeting where we will discuss your needs and their solutions. Then we will help you with process advice, where together with you we will look for ways to increase effectiveness with interconnection with your existing systems or training your staff. We do not forget SLA services and emergency plans. Even the tailor-made development is well known to us. More information in Services section.

Analysis of your requirements A

We detect your requirements

We pass on our long-term know-how in digitizing

We Introduce our Panther solution

We are sending a questionnaire with questions about your requirements

Design of solution with price calculation and effectiveness analysis B

After receiving the questionnaire, we will create an approximate quotation

Our integrator will arrange a term of more thorough business analysis with you

We will understand the entire process of your production from start to delivery

We will design a solution with price calculation and effectiveness analysis

We know that the introduction of a new system is only beginning.

We are always here to help you and we will gladly solve your needs with you. When you think about the enhancement design of our app or the new feature you’d like let us know. We like to learn and get inspired by other great ideas. We like to on-board new employees, connect new machines to the system and introduce the system to new premises.

We will provide you with a complete proposal for digitization.

We cooperate with partners in the fields of automation and robotics, with whom we work on the long-term basis. Thanks to this fact, we provide you with a complete solution.

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