Exceptional Panther features

We would like to introduce you to the important functions of our system.

Graphical planning in the Gantt chart.

Panther uses two monitors to build or modify the plan. On the left monitor, they are clearly placed in the columns customer orders, unplanned or short-term / long - term production orders and production orders in conflict (e. g. an issue with the term). On the right monitor, orders are placed in the Gantt chart, where the individual workplaces are placed on vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis (detailed view of shifts).

The planner builds a short-term plan by simply moving it in the Gantt Chart. The application helps him by calculating and placing subsequent operations on the appropriate workplaces and lines and warns in case of collisions.

In the case of call-off production planning, the left monitor switches to mode for Call-offs: on the monitor the planner clearly sees produced products, graphically expressed need to reschedule the production of products to the warehouse (against changes from call-offs), planned warehouse status, number of pieces to be tested and replacement of scraps and new state of call-offs. The planner has a quick overview of the capacity and can easily correct the production quantity of individual products to minimize the risks of missing space in warehouse. In Gantt diagram he can shift production of products between workplaces, and again, the counting function for individual workplaces and lines helps him here.

Grafické plánování v Ganttově diagramu

Real-time reality. Here and now. Immediately.

The Panther application ecosystem makes clear graphically display the course of production compared to the plan for planners, responsible persons and shift managers. These executives see on first look at their monitors critical points, machine malfunctions, danger of not keeping shipping time and time of delay. In addition, they receive notifications about critical situations to their mobile phones. They can thus quickly respond to these facts and remedy. This allows the planner to change the production schedule for the following hours and post changes of work orders to tablets.

Skutečnost v reálném čase

Continuous increase of OEE in a project way.

Think of the process of increasing OEE and other productivity indicators as individual related projects. Determine project leaders and members, goals and steps by which you want to achieve them. The Panther ecosystem helps you with evaluation during these steps. Take advantage of A / B testing and either return to the results or apply the process change for other workplaces as well. Run projects directly in the Panther system.

Reducing scraps

Manage the scraps´ reduction process as a set of successive projects. Determine how the causes of scraps in each operation will be identified. Identify possible causes of scraps´ production and evaluate them statistically using extensive analysis for comparison of influence of various facts, such as production time, line occupancy, use of specific tools, material batches and line speed. Panther will help you to evaluate and to lead these projects.

Live review in one place for leaders

Shift managers have a real-time graphical overview of the fulfillment of production in comparison with the plan. They see the deviations directly in the Gantt chart, where they can, for example, in the case of material problems, change the order of production orders. They can work on their computer as well as on a tablet or mobile phone.

Živý přehled na jednom místě pro vedoucí

Data visualization and natural motivation

Application for visualization of data on LED panels can display the continuous filling of production, OEE and other productivity indicators, quality and scraps´ data, estimated time to end the production orders, shift history, information about control, tool change, material delivery, critical points, maintenance, workers, standards and many more. Everything relates only to the appropriate workplace or works collectively, depending on where the LED panel is located.

By displaying the information you will get a higher motivation of the workers thanks to their competitiveness and effort to earn more or to make lower performance more visible.

Vizualizace dat a přirozená motivace

Advanced yet simple analyses

Analyses application let you view data so you can evaluate and compare them by period (hours, shifts, days, weeks, decades, months, quarters, half-years, years), processes, workplaces and machines, lines, halls and entire plants. You evaluate, for example, OEE and other productivity indicators, scraps´ rate, quality, type of defects, worker or shift performance, problem reporting, downtime and production time, maintenance, repair, tool change, trial products and many more. You can create and save your own views. Greater clarity is given by different types of graphs. Views can also be exported, for example, to Excel.

Pokročilé a přesto jednoduché analýzy

Norms. Measured and available.

The ecosystem makes it possible to continuously refine standards according to reality. You can generate proposals to refine standards with detailed data according to the required period of production history and then save these designs as a new standard with one button. Data for such designs the ecosystem draws on recorded production history.


Language mutation. Removing the language barrier.

Each of our applications contains language versions. For example, in a production control application (by default on a tablet), you can show the operator commands and application controls in the operator´s native language. You can also translate controls in languages that are rarely used. In your operator´s settings, you assign a native language and an app talks to him in his native language.

Jazyková mutace

One app. Many options.


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