How does Panther increase effectivity?

Accelerate processes and better utilize capacities

Our applications are designed and manufactured in accordance with lean manufacturing elements to enhance efficiency.

Panther's ability to compare real-time plan and reality. System allows identify bottlenecks in productivity and downtime, enabling them to be removed swiftly. Higher utilization of production capacities can be achieved by combining efficient planning and production management.

Panther, by linking efficient graphical planning and electronic job posting orders to tablets at workplaces, eliminates the possibility of order selection by operators and thus prevents disruption of the plan.

By rapid data sharing among working sites, Panther saves employees unproductive time and eliminates downtime, whether waiting for material or tools to be delivered.

Examples of efficiency

Increasing OEE and employee motivation

By eliminating unproductive times, operators are able to earn more money, which contributes to their satisfaction. Apps tell employees in real time what to do, and employees do not waste their time organizing their work. Moreover, the application is easy to understand for them, because they are accustomed to personal mobile control applications from their daily life.

By displaying the worker's performance on the LED panel in real time, the system increases the worker's performance by an immediate motivation and workers do a better job.

How do we calculate your efficiency?

Calculation of labor cost savings.

We use a methodology when calculating the saved minutes:

Hourly payroll costs per operator incl. levies / 60 (per minute) = financial expressing the value of operator work per one minute

Multiplied by the number of operators per shift * number of shifts / day * working days per month * 12 months = savings per one saved minute per shift related to the whole enterprise

Example: 250 people in a shift * 3 shifts * 30 working days of the month * 12 months * 240 (hourly average wage including contributions) / 60

In this case, for every 1 saved minute by all operators on all shifts, the company saves CZK 1,080,000 annually.

With this formula we are able to determine how much the company can save on individual Panther functionalities.

In the next step, we will convert the time savings by using free capacities to increase the volume and thus increase profit.