Application for display data system

DDS - Display Data System

The DDS application you use to visualize data on LCD panels placed above the site / machine (FOR OPERATORS) or LCD panels placed centrally in the hall to display data from all sites from the entire hall or in another location.

Grafické zobrazení OEE

Graphical representation of OEE and other productivity indicators

The application takes the online performance data of the worker and shows them directly in a graphically understandable view. This fact directly affects the operator's performance.

Zobrazení času trvání probíhající údržby

Display the duration of the ongoing maintenance

Operators receive accurate information about when they can return to their maintenance location. Moreover, they see the current state of maintenance and can respond more quickly to the situation.

Zviditelnění méně produktivních pracovišť

Visibility of less productive workplaces

You will find out exactly which workplaces are more or less efficient and so you can come to critical points in production.

Zobrazení informací o stavu pracoviště

View workplace status information

The application displays summary data on multiple sites on one or more central LCD screens.

For which companies is the application suitable?

The application can be effectively used in both custom production and mass production in planning call-offs from framework business contracts. The system can be used for any manufacturing company.

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Overview of DDS features:

The application works with data from the planning application, from the production management application (information about reality) and with machine data. This data is processed and displayed to workers by graphs about their performance, which directly motivates operators to perform better. It also provides this information in real time to the operators in production. The application allows you to increase your productivity of operators by tens of percent.

DDS belongs to the Panther group

The entire ecosystem of applications for innovative production management

Panther is a set of software applications aimed at industrial production control enterprises. It is a fully functioning new generation manufacturing information system (MPE).

Individual applications cooperate with each other, but they can be used separately. System works with enterprise ERP.

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