We are changing the limits of software for industry. We replace tables by effective applications.

We are completely changing view on manufacturing applications. From out-of-date table thinking we come up with a new application understanding.

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Graphical planning in the Gantt chart

Graphical planning in the Gantt chart

Deliver an easy-to-use and clear scheduling tool with settings of technological processes of production to your planner. Depending on the software settings, it copies the exact production line modeling, when it can predict future situations and to respond in time.

Work orders on tablets

Work orders on tablets

Get rid of paper work orders. All changes in the documentation are updated directly to the tablets of the operator. You can add helping video samples with the correct performance of the work action.

Production data visualization

Production data visualization

Show operators their current performance and provide them with important data. You will see the information about the number of produced pieces, productivity, OEE, production delays, scraps, maintenance, downtime, shifts history, material delay and much more. Everything as you put it together.

Just in time reality

Just in time reality

Specific function in the production planning application that can graphically show you the actual progress of production compared to the plan, work of machines and steps of operators. Based on this data, the function Just in time reality can predict the future of production in the way that allows planning to eliminate the delays and downtimes.


Application for innovative production management

Panther is an ecosystem of software applications focused on production control in industrial enterprises. It is a fully functioning new generation manufacturing information system, we call it Mobile Production Ecosystem (MPE).

All the applications work together and form one big ecosystem. However, it is possible to use them separately as well. The applications cooperate with enterprise systems ERP / EDI and many more.



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We go beyond the MES limits and we call ourselves MPE.

Mobile Production Ecosystem

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